Perfume Passion

Providing security to our valuable customers is our utmost concern. We have the highest security standards which constantly monitor our server in order to safeguard your valuable information from all physical and technological threats.

As per our security policies, which meet & exceed the industry standards, our servers have firewall allowing the customers to only seek information regarding our services. All the personal and financial details are highly encrypted avoiding its violation forever.

We are certified by the relevant authorities and all of our web-based orders do not go through our systems and you are automatically directed to a highly encrypted payment gateway page, hosted by the respective authorities. On the other hand, all the telephone orders are handled by a separate secure sector and none of your information goes through our systems.

As an important precautionary step, the information about your payment details are never stored on our database servers. We run frequent scans to ensure security of your information round the clock in order to be reliable and make you to trust us.