Perfume Passion

Perfume Pointers

A fragrance is an element which energizes you, your thoughts and your emotions. It not only lets you smell good, but makes you feel good and generates positive vibes.

Fragrances are of different aromas and various kinds - such as woodsy, musky, floral, fruity, spicy etc. - making every occasion a memorable one.

Selecting a fragrance largely depends on the following factors:

  • Personal style
  • Choice of intense or light perfumes
  • Price range
  • Society

There are certain ground rules like a light fragrance is generally used in day time, whereas, the intense ones are recommended for evening wears.

Also perfumes smell differently depending on the skin types. Hence, a really good fragrance may not smell on some people and vice versa. Similarly, a light perfume will not be long lasting on a sweaty skin and the one with high intensity, if it doesn’t suit you, can cause a headache.

Keep these guidelines in mind and simply choose a perfume which comforts you the most. All fragrances are different and are not made for everybody. It’s a personal choice. That’s how it should be.